Our mission

To stimulate, promote and develop supportive environments and solutions to prevent and address sexual abuse and exploitation as well as violence against children.

Our strategy

Childhood works with prevention efforts to reduce the risk of abuse. We provide intervention strategies to stop ongoing abuse and promote educational opportunities that teach skills which thwart abuse.

Our method

Childhood acts as a liaison between donors and local organizations. We fund community-based agencies that can tailor their projects to engage directly with children in need.  

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Success stories

Success for us is:

  • Keeping a child off the streets and providing a bed to safely sleep in at night.
  • Preventing or saving a child from being exploited. 
  • Providing a child with a safe and loving home environment.
  • Educating a young parent with the tools and skills they need to raise a happy child.
  • Helping a child start the healing process from abuse. 
  • Stopping sexual abuse of children and ensuring a safe living environment.