Family Advocacy Program

Organization: Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
Project: Bounce! - Peer Mentoring and Post-Traumatic Treatment Program
Location: New York, New York
Target Group: Child Victims of Abuse and Exploitation

Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a designated Children's Advocacy Center, a nationwide network of treatment centers for children who have been sexually abused and traumatized. FAP employs a staff of psychologists, social workers and an MD, who together with a team of other professionals, including law enforcement personnel from the DA's office, conduct forensic interviews with the children who have been or are suspected of having been sexually assaulted, abused and exploited, to assess trauma, identify perpetrators, and to inform and alert law enforcement as well as the mental health community to take further action and/or to care for the victims.

Bounce! is peer-led program at Jacobi Medical Center’s Family Advocacy Program that evaluates and treats victims of neglect or physical or sexual abuse/assault. The program’s youth-led support group mentors other teen survivors of sexual abuse ages 13-17 years old. 

Find out how BOUNCE! and the FAP are impacting the lives of teen survivors!

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