Sochin was supported by M'Lop Tapang

M'Lop Tapang is an organization that provides social workers and an outreach team that supports children and families living on the street in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. One day, the organization's outreach team came in contact with a young boy named Sochin*.

Photo: Joel Borgströ

Photo: Joel Borgströ

Sochin lived on the street and developed a dependency on drugs. When he was discovered by M'Lop Tapang’s outreach team, Sochin was encouraged to visit the organization's drop-in center where they offered him support and shelter. The center's staff convinced him to receive the help he needed to turn his life around. Sochin was given the opportunity to take part in job training and other activities driven by M'Lop Tapang and received rehabilitation for his drug abuse. Today, a year after he first came into contact with M'Lop Tapang, Sochin has recovered from his drug dependency and received a job as a chef at a local restaurant in Sihanoukville. The social workers at M'Lop Tapang were able to help Sochin leave the streets and abuse behind.

* Sochin's name has been changed to protect his identity.

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