Organization: MassKids
Project: Pledge to Prevent
Location: Massachusetts
Target Group: Child Victims of Abuse

Massachusetts Citizens for Children (MassKids) is the oldest state-based child advocacy organization in the country. Their mission is to improve the lives of the state's most vulnerable children and youth through advocacy by concerned citizens. Since the mid-70s, it has been committed to preventing the abuse and neglect of our state's children.

The New York Foundling

The New York Foundling

Organization: The New York Foundling
Project: Child Abuse Prevention Program workshops
Location: New York, New York
Target Group: Child Victims of Abuse

Child Abuse Prevention (CAPP) Program workshops specifically designed for third and fourth graders. The workshops provide child abuse prevention education and empowerment to elementary school children.

Safe Horizon

Safe Horizon

Organization: Safe Horizon
Project: Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)
Location: New York, New York
Target Group: Child Victims of Abuse

Safe Horizon (New York, NY) is the nation’s leading victim assistance organization and seeks to empower victims to move from crisis to confidence through case management, advocacy, guidance and support. Safe Horizon offers services through 18 programs at more than 50 sites throughout New York City, and its target groups include victims of child abuse, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, human trafficking, and other crimes.

Welcome To My Yard

Organization: Welcome To My Yard
Project: Vocational training for street youth
Location: Katmandu, Nepal
Target group: Street children

The overall goal of Welcome to my yard is to increase educational and business knowledge and skills for vulnerable street young people in the Pashupatinath street community in order to help them achieve their potential by strengthening their resilience and reducing risk factors of street life.

Asha Nepal

Organization: Asha Nepal
Project: Developing individual’s acceptance
Location: Katmandu, Nepal
Target group: Families at risk, children in alternative care

This project targets adult trafficking survivors and their children with community-based support to prevent unnecessary separation and placement of children in institutions (orphanages)

Hua Dan

Organization: Hua Dan
Project: Migrant children’s dream theater
Location: Beijing, China
Target group: Children victims of abuse, families at risk

Hua Dan works in migrant communities in the outskirts of Beijing using drama and theater as a way to improve confidence and parent-child relations among migrant families. Long term objectives are to give migrant children a sense of belonging, strengthen their self-esteem and improve their performance in school.

Etafeni Children´s Safety Project

Etafeni Children´s Safety Project

Organization: Etafeni Day Care Centre
Project: Etafeni Children's Safety Project
Location: Nyanga, Cape Town, South Africa
Target group: Children who are victims of abuse

The project provides comprehensive services to children and families at risk in the township Nyanga including trauma debriefing and counseling, home visits and assessments as well as court preparation for children who have been victims of sexual abuse. 


Maple Women's Psychological Counseling Center

Maple Women's Psychological Counseling Center

Organization: Maple Women's Psychological Counseling Center
Project: The Caravan sexual abuse prevention tour
Location: Beijing, China
Target group: Children victims of abuse

The project focuses on implementing a sexual abuse prevention program aimed at migrant children. The program consists of lessons, group discussions and role playing.

Seven Passes Initiative

Organization: Seven Passes Initiative
Project: Achieving a population shift towards positive parenting   
Location: Touwsranten, South Africa  
Target Group: Families At Risk

The Seven Passes Initiative was established in 2008 in South Africa to grew out of a small towns concern over aggressive behavior between adolescents in the community, high levels of truancy and early school dropout; and their desire to change this. Childhood is currently supporting their project to increase positive parenting techniques and decrease harsh and inconsistent punishment. 

Centre for Education Initiatives

Organization: Centre for Education Initiatives (CEI) 
Project: Roma Children in School
Location: Jelgava, Latvia
Target Group: Familes at risk

Centre for Education Initiatives (CEI) was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting public awareness about the role of education in creating humane and democratic society and to promote life-long learning for the people of Latvia. The CEI's Roma Children in School project will develop system to replicate and engage the Roma population throughout Latvia. The project aims at increasing Roma attendance and success in school while increasing local Roma integration in society.

Beijing Children´s Legal Aid and Research Center (BCLARC)

Organization: Beijing Children´s Legal Aid and Research Center (BCLARC)
Project: Violations by Guardians against Child Rights
Location: Beijing, China
Target group: Victims of Abuse

The Beijing Children´s Legal Aid and Research Center provides free legal assistance to children who are the victims of abuse across China. The organization coordinates a network of more than 8,000 volunteer lawyers and advocates for better child protection laws. 


Mith Samlanh

Organization: Mith Samlanhmithsamlanh
Project: Early Childhood Development
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Target Group: Families at risk, Street children, Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Children in alternative care

Mith Samlanh provides a continuum of care for street children and their families.

Komar Rikreay

Organization: Komar Rikreay
Project: Vulnerable and Trafficked Children
Location: Battambang, Cambodia
Target Group: Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Street children, Children in alternative care

Komar Rikreay is operating a short-term shelter for children who are victims of trafficking. The goal is to reintegrate the children into their family or into a family setting, and to support the family to guarantee the sustainability of the efforts.

Phare Ponleu Selpak

Organization: Phare Ponleu Selpak
Project: Family Oriented Improvement
Location: Battambang, Cambodia
Target Group: Families at risk, Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Street children, Children in alternative care

Phare Ponleu Selpak offers a holistic program to meet the needs of vulnerable children which includes family support and reintegration, educational programs, arts and culture. 

Friends International

Organization: Friends International, Kalyan Mith program
Project: Family Reintegration and Family Support
Location: Siem Rep, Cambodia
Target Group: Families at risk, Street children, Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Children in alternative care 

Kalyan Mith provides support to marginalized children and young people, with a particular focus on street children/youth, by offering a range of comprehensive services including a transitional home, family reintegration and development of family based alternative care.

Network for Protection Program

Organization: Childhood Brazil
Project: Network for Protection Program
Location: Brazil
Target Group: Children at risk for abuse

The program strengthens the System to Safeguard Children and Adolescents’ Rights (SSCAR) by qualifying professionals to integrate and effectively protect and assist children and adolescents in sexual violence situations. 

Safe Online Surfing Initiative

Organization: Childhood Brazil
Project: Safe Online Surfing Initiative
Location: Brazil
Target Group: Children at risk for abuse

The program focuses on the protection of children and adolescents against online abuse and pornography via information and communication technology, and the distribution of the handbook Navegar com Segurança [Safe Online Surfing], released in 2006.

World Cup 2014, Olympic Games 2016

Organization: Childhood Brazil
Project: World Cup 2014, Olympic Games 2016
Location: Brazil
Target Group: Children at risk for abuse

Childhood Brasil believes that the World Cup and the Olympics offer suitable platforms to elevate the awareness of the society regarding “childhood protection”, engaging civil society, bringing visibility to the issue, contributing to governmental actions, and leaving a positive legacy for Brazil and the world as a result of the events.