The Bridge For Youth


Organization: The Bridge for Youth
Project: Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth Program
Location: Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota
Target group: Child Victims of Abuse and Exploitation

For over 34 years, The Bridge has worked with youth and families in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, providing immediate shelter and safety for youth in crisis, with caring and experienced counselors to help them find solutions to the difficulties they face. The Bridge works with both parents and youth, helping them resolve family conflicts and rediscover their common ground. The Bridge helps young people reconnect with their families, schools and communities; it strengthens families and helps prevent youth homelessness. The Bridge's services are free and confidential, and available 24 hours a day. Childhood has supported The Bridge to incorporate a comprehensive program to manage and treat youth who presents with sexual abuse trauma or those who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation. 

In recent years, the Bridge has been leveraging technology to help runaway and homeless youth, specifically through two channels: the Text4Help (T4H) and the app. The goal is to improve street affected youth’s access to shelters and services. The app is also used by another Childhood project, YouthLink.

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