Safe and Sound


Organization: Safe and Sound
Project:  Children's Advocacy Center
Location: San Francisco, California
Target group: Child Victims of Abuse 

Safe and Sound is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, the promotion of healthy families, and the mental health of children.  The goal is to ensure that all children grow up in a loving, nurturing, and caring family in which every child can thrive to meet his or her full potential. Safe and Sound believes that prevention and early intervention are keys to making this happen, by reducing the risk factors that are associated with abuse and neglect, and promoting the protective factors that are known to mitigate those risks. 

More recently, Safe and Sound made headlines with their ground-breaking report on "The Economics of Child Abuse: A Study of San Francisco", which demonstrated the cost of child abuse. In SF alone, the annual cost amounted to 301.6 million dollars.

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