Fathers and partners assume responsibility

Organization: Evangelisches Jugend- und Fürsorgewerk (EJF gAG)
Project: mut – mobile unterstützende Traumahilfe
Location: Berlin, Germany
Target group: Families at risk

Many girls who become pregnant while still young frequently have problems with their families and do not receive adequate support at home. Often the fathers are also minors and are in the same difficult situation due to not having a job. Because of this the mother-child-house Jörg Sommerlath, an accommodation unit for young mothers with their children, developed the project “Fathers and partners assume responsibility”. A social worker financed by Childhood works with the young men to encourage their paternal role. Furthermore they get help to find a job. The objective is to give the fathers the chance to assume responsibility and form a family with the mother and the child.

Contact person at Childhood:
Susanne Labonde