Big Constructions and Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Organization: Childhood Brasil
Project: Big Constructions and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Program
Location: Brazil
Target Group: Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation

The goal of the program is to mobilize governments, companies, and social organizations to fight sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in infrastructure works carried out in Brazil, while highlighting the importance of imparting knowledge and extending the debate around the infrastructure works in Brazil. Besides major environmental issues, a crucial consideration is to ensure child and adolescents protection. Childhood Brasil, in partnership with the Center for Sustainability Studies from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, are developing a method to identify and compile indicators for data survey and supervision of municipalities that will host big constructions being developed with the collaboration of 14 Brazilian companies. One of the project goals is to create and apply tools that can contribute towards an innovative model to encourage local and regional development.

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