Seven Passes Initiative

Organization: Seven Passes Initiative
Project: Achieving a population shift towards positive parenting   
Location: Touwsranten, South Africa  
Target Group: Families At Risk

The Seven Passes Initiative was established in 2008 in Touwsranten, a rural town in the Western Cape Province with an estimated population of 5,000. The organization grew out of a community concern about aggressive behavior between adolescents in the community, high levels of truancy and early school dropout; and a desire to change this.

The Seven Passes Initiative is a youth development and educational organization that seeks to prevent youth involvement in crime through providing quality after school care. It offers homework clubs and other educational activities, including sport, music and drama. The initiative works towards long-term poverty alleviation through raising the educational level of the community.

The "Achieving a population shift towards positive parenting" project plans on helping parents be warmer and more consistent relationships with their children, and thus to reduce the risk for child abuse in the whole community. The overall intention is to inform policy making about the prevention of violence and aggression, and the promotion of positive child outcomes, through a wide-reach, relatively low-cost positive parenting intervention package. Harsh and inconsistent parenting (including its extreme, child maltreatment) is a risk factor for the development of aggressive behaviors in young children, and delinquency and substance misuse in older children that may persist into adulthood. 

For more information, contact:
Britta Holmberg