Street children

Welcome To My Yard

Organization: Welcome To My Yard
Project: Vocational training for street youth
Location: Katmandu, Nepal
Target group: Street children

The overall goal of Welcome to my yard is to increase educational and business knowledge and skills for vulnerable street young people in the Pashupatinath street community in order to help them achieve their potential by strengthening their resilience and reducing risk factors of street life.

Mith Samlanh

Organization: Mith Samlanhmithsamlanh
Project: Early Childhood Development
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Target Group: Families at risk, Street children, Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Children in alternative care

Mith Samlanh provides a continuum of care for street children and their families.

Komar Rikreay

Organization: Komar Rikreay
Project: Vulnerable and Trafficked Children
Location: Battambang, Cambodia
Target Group: Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Street children, Children in alternative care

Komar Rikreay is operating a short-term shelter for children who are victims of trafficking. The goal is to reintegrate the children into their family or into a family setting, and to support the family to guarantee the sustainability of the efforts.

Phare Ponleu Selpak

Organization: Phare Ponleu Selpak
Project: Family Oriented Improvement
Location: Battambang, Cambodia
Target Group: Families at risk, Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Street children, Children in alternative care

Phare Ponleu Selpak offers a holistic program to meet the needs of vulnerable children which includes family support and reintegration, educational programs, arts and culture. 

Friends International

Organization: Friends International, Kalyan Mith program
Project: Family Reintegration and Family Support
Location: Siem Rep, Cambodia
Target Group: Families at risk, Street children, Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation, Children in alternative care 

Kalyan Mith provides support to marginalized children and young people, with a particular focus on street children/youth, by offering a range of comprehensive services including a transitional home, family reintegration and development of family based alternative care.

Support to Community-Based Organizations In Brazil

Organization: Childhood Brazil
Project: Support to community-based organizations
Location: Brazil
Target Group: Children who are victims of Abuse and Exploitation, Children in Alternative Care, Familes At Risk, Street Children

Childhood Brasil provides technical and financial support to NGOs throughout Brazil, developing a network of experiences and actions against all forms of sexual violence.

M'lop Tapang

M'lop Tapang

Organization: M'lop Tapang
Project: A Better Future for Street Children and Families
Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Target Group: Street children, Families at risk, Children victims of abuse, Children in alternative care

The goal is to protect street children living in Sihanoukville and to ensure that they know their rights and what access they have to support and training.



Organization: YouthLink
Project: Prevention and Intervention Programs
Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Target Group: Street Children

YouthLink works to fill the critical need for specialized intervention and prevention services to address the complex issues surrounding the sexual exploitation of youth. As a recognized leader among nonprofits, YouthLink serves the homeless and at-risk youth in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.