Apply for funding


Carefully review our eligibility criteria and priorities before submitting a proposal. 


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Projects targeting child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, families at risk, children in alternative care, street children (including children at risk of being categorized in one or more of the mentioned target groups).

  • Projects that directly involve and affect children and youth.

  • Projects implemented in the USA only. Applicants from other countries, please visit

  • Projects implemented by an NGO registered in the country of implementation, or agency or individual/s associated through an NGO.


Childhood USA prioritizes:

  • Preventive measures targeted towards at-risk children

  • New models and innovative approaches of work with the target groups

  • Integration of technology  

  • Projects that take into account child participation

  • Projects that take into account children’s right to play

  • Risk funding that promote development of new models and initiatives

  • In special cases, research projects that are associated with our target groups

Childhood USA does not support:

  • Organizations which we have not visited

  • Organizations which discriminate, in policy or in practice, on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, physical disability or sexual orientation

  • Organizations which promote religious beliefs as part of their programming and reason for seeking funding

  • Pure advocacy or research projects

  • Lobbying or political campaigns

  • Individual applicants

  • Emergency or disaster relief

  • Land acquisition or construction of new buildings

  • Programs which address specific disabilities or chronic diseases or conditions.


Application Process

Prior visit from Childhood staff is required before submitting an application. For more information on how to invite Childhood to your organization, please contact the Childhood country manager for your country or region. In the United States, Nicole Epps can be reached at (212) 867-6088 or via email at [email protected]. If your project is outside of the United States, please visit the ‘Apply for Funding‘ page on

Application Deadlines:

The grant proposal period is currently closed. Stay tuned for more details.

Within USA: February 15 and August 15
Outside of USA: April 15 and October 15 

Grant Process

  1. Please submit a letter of intent, which describes your US-based project/ 501c3 organization that addresses prevention or direct services for children who have experienced child sexual abuse and exploitation.  Email: [email protected]

  2. Upon receipt and review of the letter of intent, your project will be contacted to schedule a site visit for World Childhood Foundation USA representatives.

  3. After the site visit the project, your project may be asked to apply formally for a Childhood USA grant.


During our assessment of your project, Childhood’s country managers contact the applying organizations to clarify any questions.  Additional site visits might be conducted. 

An advisory board consisting of independent experts in Child Development, Child Rights and International Development reviews all proposals for recommendation to the Board of Directors.

References are requested from other donors and stakeholders.

Decision Making

Ordinarily, a decision on an application is made by Childhood’s Board of Directors by end of Mach, and mid-December. For Childhood USA, project approvals usually occur at the first and third Board meetings of any given year. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.


Grant Periods and Reporting

Project periods starting dates may be flexible, depending of date of approval, and agency schedule and needs.

Childhood usually approves one-year grants with possibilities to extend the project period up to a maximum of six years. 

Childhood USA requires bi-annual financial and narrative reports as well as a Financial Audit Report for each grant period.


Grant Levels

New grant applications will most likely be approved ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 USD/year. Larger amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis, considering length of support for organization, need-based assessment, or other circumstances. 


Submission Instructions

  1. Confirm that your organization is eligible to apply for funding according to the Eligibility Criteria List (above).

  2. Download the file “Guidelines for project proposals” and read the document carefully.

  3. Proposal needs to be written in English in accordance with the guidelines.

  4. Download and fill out the template documents “Front page” and “Budget” (for instructions, download the document titled “Users guide to budget and reporting template”).

  5. Send all completed documents to Joanna Rubinstein at [email protected].

  6. Make sure you receive a confirmation from Childhood for your application. 


For more information please contact:
Nicole G. Epps Managing Director Programs & Policy, Childhood USA
[email protected]
Phone: + 212 867-6088

Front page
Guidelines for Project Proposals
Guidelines for Project Reporting
Users Guide to Childhood Budget and Reporting Template