Human Rights Day

Today it is Human Rights Day, a day proclaimed by the UN in 1950 to acknowledge that each one of us, everywhere and at all times is entitled to the full range of human rights. That each one of us deserve and should be treated as humans with the same ideals and values regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background. 

The annual celebration of Human Rights Day marks the end of a sixteen day campaign by the UN, #ORANGEURHOOD, aiming to increase awareness of and end violence against women and children. The campaign is a global call of action, critical for women’s participation in political, economical, civil and cultural spheres of their communities. 

Today 1 of 3 women and girls experience violence in their lifetime. Globally 30% of women will be affected by physical and sexual abuse. With statistics like these, one can almost be sure that someone in your life has suffered from something like this. According to UN Women, among half of all women and girls killed in 2012 were at the hands of a partner or family member. And far too often than not, these crimes go unpunished and the perpetrators walk free. “The absence of a legally binding agreement at the international level is one of gravest obstacles to the promotion and protection of women’s and girl's rights and gender equality”.

At Childhood we are  committed to promoting the rights of all humans and especially to protect children, often those most vulnerable and in need. As we have gone throughout this week, we have seen the incredible support for greater gender equality, protection from exploitation and abuse and renewed commitment to these goals. Yet we know that it is only through continued coordination of civil society, local communities and government at all levels, can we truly put an end to these issues and ensure happy lives, and happy childhoods, for all.

We can no longer excuse or justify the behaviors and traditions that in any way encourage, ignore, excuse or tolerate violence or exploitation in any form or manifestation. Every woman, child, human being has the right and should live without violence. Today, as Malala Yousafzai and Kaylash Satyarthi receive the Nobel Prize, on this Human Rights Day, we want to ask you to help us make every day a day where we remember and honor the rights of those around us. And that you join us, as we renew and strengthen our commitment to those most vulnerable of our communities and those around us who are most in need.


Text by:
Ashlee Thomas & Tara Derakshan