“We want to give children the chance to be children”

Sometimes it is about those simple things. We want to give children the chance to be children. It does not have to be about therapeutic treatment or complicated models. It can also just be about giving a child who is living in violence and in risky situations the possibility to be just as any other child. That is why we support projects like these:

Enter Meetingpoint, that offer a safe space to meet for girls who find themselves in difficult circumstances. They cook together. They go out to the beach. They can test inline skating or go skiing for the first time in their lives because they do not have the possibility to do that with their family.

Children to single mothers, who organizes trips to the zoo, or just to the sea, in order for their children to want to remember this summer holiday as something that is worth remembering.

Alla Kvinnors Hus, a shelter for abused women, that with our support has started a pre-school for the children that have to stay with their mothers to hide from abusive men, sometimes up to a year. The pre-school teacher told me that the children often compare with their “own” pre-school and say that “this is just like we did in my pre-school”. It´s just the same! And it should be! They are just like any other children and should have the possibility to play and have fun just like other children do.