New Alarming Data on Child Sex Exploitation

New report by NetClean based off the data collected from more than 360 police officers in 28 countries shows that the number of online images and videos that show child sexual abuse has increased during the last three years. Most images are created from social media and vast majority of content involving child sexual abuse is found on work computers. But even more alarming is the fact that the public, and in many cases even decision-makers, are unaware of the scale of the problem of child pornography. The new report shows that the problem of child sexual exploitation is growing but also that there are ways we can and must fight it. Police, decision-makers, authorities, civil society and the private sector can all work together to save children. Already today, NetClean is contributing to saving thousands of children.

Childhood is proud to be the first partner of NetClean, a Swedish company that develops the world’s leading technology solutions to fight sexual abuse material. NetClean technology is used worldwide by multinational companies, government agencies and internet service providers.

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