Update: All Children Count But Not All Children Are Counted

Join over 175 signatory organizations and help millions of children!

As you may know, back in September 2015, leaders from around the world ratified the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are 17 ambitious objects which aim to create a more equitable society by eradicating poverty, guaranteeing access to water, protecting the environment and more. SDG 16.2 calls on all countries to, "End abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children," a cause which Childhood has been fighting for since 1999. But in order to achieve these goals by 2030, we must be able to measure progress through a balanced set of indicators. As things stand now, millions of children around the world will not be included. 

Since October, the World Childhood Foundation has joined more that 175 organizations calling for ALL children to be counted in an open letter here. Currently children living outside of households or without any family care will not be tallied by the United Nations (UN). 

Thanks to our united voices, the two UN departments responsible for the SDG Indicators have heard our calls to include these children but we haven't won yet. Join us on Twitter and Facebook and call for all children to be counted!


  • #IAEG meeting – with your support we can make sure #AllChildrenCount! #RT to join us & #LeaveNoOneBehind bit.ly/1UvqBTK @ChildhoodUSA
  • All #children count but not all are counted - #IAEG fill the #datagap & count kids w/o parents. Join over 175 orgs! bit.ly/1UvqBTK


  • The Inter-Agency Expert Group on the Sustainable Developments Goals (IAEG-SDGs) is meeting discuss the SDG indicators this week. @ChildhoodUSA and over 175 others are calling on them to make sure ALL children are counted by the #SDGs. Help us make sure that they #LeaveNoOneBehind – including vulnerable children and families. Share now and make a difference! bit.ly/1UvqBTK