Child safety online

The online world is rapidly changing. Children have the same rights to be online as they have to go to school or play. Children quickly adapt to new technology and new opportunities and often provide adults with advice about the digital world. The earlier children learn how to safely navigate the internet, the more likely they are to know when and how to ask for help. However, the responsibility of keeping children safe online lies with adults.


Reaching out to vulnerable children and identifying perpetrators

Technology and the internet help us reach vulnerable children and to identify perpetrators. The anonymity and accessibility offered by the internet is used by many offenders to their advantage. Digitization has also made it easier for people seeking contact with children for sexual purposes to have direct access to them. We know that children who are victims of online abuse suffer equally as when the abuse takes place offline. Children who are most at risk for abuse online are often less protected offline as well.


Supporting innovative online solutions

For more than fifteen years, Childhood has been working to develop impactful online solutions. We have invested in groundbreaking research on child sexual abuse online. We have supported innovative online chat helpline services and groundbreaking technical solutions to identify child sexual abuse material.