In September 2015, HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden and the World Childhood Foundation’s ThankYou by Childhood campaign launched the #EyesWideOpen  campaign. This social media initiative is designed to mobilize people to take action in addressing the global challenge of child sexual abuse via social media and by learning how to protect the children in their lives. ThankYou by Childhood has begun to release a series of Tool Kits to give the public the knowledge necessary to stop and prevent the sexual abuse of children today. 

#EyesWideOpen's launch was marked by our activation at the Global Citizen Festival 2015 and with our billboards in Times Square. If you're in New York, go see them now take a picture! Make sure to post it with #EyesWideOpen and tag @ChildhoodUSA!

For more information, visit our campaign page here.