F. Wayne Holton

F. Wayne Holton, CPA

Partner & CEO Citrin Copperman & Co., LLC

F. Wayne Holton, a tax partner, has been helping clients in the international tax arena for more than four decades. He provides privately owned businesses, multi-national entities, and high net worth individuals with strategic tax and business planning advice. Prior to joining Citrin Cooperman, Mr. Holton founded and operated his own accounting firm.

Mr. Holton has a keen grasp of international tax laws across borders, earning him an international client base. His range of services includes developing tax and business strategies for both inbound and outbound business transactions, as well as advising resident and non-resident aliens on U.S. tax implications related to their businesses and personal incomes. He also has a wealth of experience in developing ownership structures for both foreign-owned U.S. businesses and U.S.-owned foreign businesses.
In addition to structuring transactions,
Mr. Holton has been involved in more than 100 IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI) cases for U.S. persons with foreign bank accounts. He is also an expert in assisting clients in the complex navigation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Mr. Holton currently serves as Treasurer of the Board for Childhood USA.

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