Karini Gustafson-Teixeira

Karini Gustafson-Teixeira

Co-founder of ThankYou by Childhood

Karini Gustfason-Teixeira is the co-author “Stella och Hemligheten” together with Princess Madeleine of Sweden, about child empowerment and the power of secrets. She is one of the co-founders of Moose Tech, conferences focused on Nordic entrepreneurs and unicorn companies. MooseTech launched December 2019 in Stockholm for investors. She is currently working on an educational platform for kids called Stok’e.

 Karini has consulted with global non-profits for the past decade. She has collaborated with The World Childhood Foundation and helped to co-create two international awareness campaigns about child sexual abuse and exploitation with Princess Madeleine of Sweden: the “Eyes Wide Open” platform in 2015 and “The ThankYou’ campaign in collaboration with Spotify in 2013. Karini also co-founded “Childhood Guardians” with Childhood Sweden, to further include tech savvy people and integrate a younger generation to protect kids from abuse. 

Prior to her role as a non-profit consultant, worked as economic and political analyst. In this role, she met and interviewed the top business and political leaders of Ghana, Haiti, Mongolia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Madrid, Romania, Portugal, Greece and Spain.

Karini is fluent in four languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. While pursuing her graduate studies, she interned with US Congress; public relations at Burson Marstellers, a perception management firm and in diplomacy at the Mexican Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. 

She was born & raised in Mexico.  She attended high school in Monterrey, Mexico and Wageningen, Netherlands. She received her Bachelors Degree in International Business from Mexico ITESM University in 1998. She has a Masters Degree from the School of Foreign Service, Public Policy and Diplomacy from Georgetown University.

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