2014 Childhood Holiday Auction!

During this Holiday season, we are raising awareness and funds for our work around the world. Give to A Childhood Holiday Auction 2014 is an online auction where you can bid on exclusive gifts for yourself or someone you care about, all while helping us raise money in benefit of the projects we support around the world. Just click on the link: www.charitybuzz.com/worldchildhoodfoundation and start bidding  today! Once the auction has reached its end date on December 17th, the highest bidder of each item will receive an email with more information about his/her gift. 

All the money raised from this auction will go directly to our project portfolio, focusing on helping children in four targets groups: Families at risk, Children in Alternative Care, Children who are Victims of Abuse and Street children. To learn more about our work and the projects we support, click here or see short information below.

For more information or questions about our Holiday Auction, please contact: 

Families at risk
Families can find themselves at risk for many reasons. Violence, poverty, drug abuse and mental illness are some of the risk factors that impact children directly.

Children in Alternative Care
A caring and loving family is the best place for a child to develop into a healthy and responsible adult. For the target group Children in Alternative care, Childhood’s support is focused on preventing children from being placed in institutional care (except when absolutely necessary and in the best interest of the child).

Children who are Victims of Abuse
Sexual abuse and exploitation exist all over the world and have devastating consequences for a victimized child. Trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEK) is a growing problem as globalization keeps increasing.

Street children
Children live on the streets for many reasons, including difficult social-emotional situations at home, often cause by parental unemployment, poverty, alcoholism, violence and abuse.