C10 Summit, 2014

For the first time this year, between November 2-4, World Childhood Foundation co-hosted the C10 summit in Stockholm, focusing on the right's of the child. Participants included Childhood's founder HM Queen Silvia of Sweden and a number of international leaders of grassroots organizations against human trafficking. The Summit also rewarded 10 individuals who have made outstanding efforts to combat human trafficking. 

The new Summit Child 10 (C10) is organized by Reach for Change, the World Childhood Foundation and Sophie Stenbeck Family Foundation. The aim is to bring together leaders and activists of child rights field from all over the world, and stakeholders from the public and private sector to find practical solutions to social problems affecting children. This year's theme was human trafficking, a global industry with annual sales of approximately $ 7 billion, according to figures from the UN. 

The summit consisted of two days with working sessions where the winners collaborated to identify specific successful strategies and efforts to combat human trafficking. On Monday, November 3, a  ceremony was organized where the 10 individuals who performed pioneering efforts against trafficking were awarded with $10,000 dollars each to strengthen their respective businesses. 

H.M. Queen Silvia  attended the award ceremony. The Queen has previously received considerable international attention for her involvement in the issue. 

The goal is to turn C10 in to an annual summit, focusing on different aspects of children's rights globally.