Childhood, and the UNCRC

Most countries have agreed that children’s rights should  be protected. In showing unity for children, most countries have signed the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). In honor of the UN day this past Friday, we would like to give you and a friend a meaningful gift. 

The Childhood signature bracelet, which has served to represent out mission for the last 15 years, is built on the premise of the UNCRC. Every bead on the bracelet represents one of the many articles of this Convention.  By wearing the bracelet we are reminded every day that all children have a right to a childhood.

Many of our supporters wear the Childhood bracelet to show their support for our cause and for all children's right to a childhood. What many may not know however, are what the colors of the bracelet stand for. So we would like you to help us share this message, and learn what colors represent what article in the convention, and why you should take pride in wearing your Childhood bracelet.

Childhood's work with and for children takes its starting point in ten of the articles of the UNCRC.

Blue- article 2 

The Convention applies to all children. Every child has the same worth 

Light blue- article 3
The best interests of children must be the primary concern in making decisions that may affect them

Purple- article 6
Children have the right to live. Governments should ensure that children survive and into healthy human being

White- article 12
When adults are making decisions that affect children, children have the right to say what they think should happen and their opinions taken into account

Yellow- article 19
Children have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, physically or mentally

Orange- article 20
Children who cannot be looked after by their own family have a right to special care and must be looked after properly, by people who respect their ethnic group, religion, culture and language

Green- article 31
Every child shall have the right to rest and leisure, and to engage in play and recreational activities

Beige- article 34
Every Child shall have the right to protection from all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation 

Pink- article 35
States shall take all appropriate national, bilateral and multilateral measures to prevent the abduction of, the sale of or traffic in children for any purpose or in any form

Red- article 39
Every child shall have the right to physical, psychological and social rehabilitation, reintegration and recovery in cases of neglect, exploitation, abuse or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

To win a bracelet, click HERE and let us know which color is your favorite, and why, together with the article it represents. The winner will be announced on Friday!

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