Global Citizen Festival 2014

It has been a week since the Global Citizen’s Festival and we are still buzzing. The Global Citizen’s Festival coupled music and influencers together in New York City’s grand Central Park with 60,000 global citizens to pledge their efforts toward world-wide change.

The event, based all around the Post-2015 UN development agenda, aimed to make sure governments, global leaders and influencers know that it is the people who are committed to change and will work wholeheartedly toward it.  And it worked.

Lasting almost six hours, the show included speeches by charitable-foundation executives and heart-rending videos about those who suffer from poverty and its symptoms sprinkled in between performances from music superstars. Childhood USA was there, raising our voices for change and for a happy, safe and empowered childhood for children around the globe.

Because of this incredible action, over 259 million lives by the year 2020 will have been impacted by the actions at this one concert. Truly amazing! The Global Citizen’s Festival is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together. It is also a critical reminder of the importance of involving youth and social media in bending the arc of history and building impactful momentum toward change.

15 years ago, World Childhood Foundation was founded by Her Majesty of Queen Silvia of Sweden and at this very event, both Her Majesty, and Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine, were speaking to the crowd at the festival on behalf of Childhood USA. Together, they reminded the world to respect children’s rights, and the need to protect children from ongoing abuse by emphasizing prevention efforts to reduce the risk of future abuse; provide intervention strategies to stop ongoing abuse; and to promote education opportunities to teach methods and skills to promote a life free from abuse. We continue to dedicate our work and mission to raise awareness of children at risk of abuse and exploitation, and to create an environment away from harm and neglect.

One of the speakers at the Global Citizen, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, proclaimed that

"a better world is around the corner,” adding that "as united nations – as united global citizens – let's commit to get there together!” 

At Childhood, we couldn’t agree more. We have many, many more steps to go until we reach our goal, but we can get there if we go together.

Weren't able to attend the festival? Watch H.M Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine's speech here and/or take action here.