Childhood USA hosts Hersby School Students

Last Week, Childhood USA had the great pleasure of hosting The Hersby School students from Stockholm in our office in New York. The high school students brought with them brilliant and inquisitive minds and a generous donation collected through a semester-long fundraising project, “Friday Five.” Under this project, the students are presented with an opportunity to donate 5 Swedish Krona every Friday. This year, the high school students raised an impressive sum of 5000 SEK (around 560 USD) for Childhood USA.

One of the most important aspects of this project is the students’ hands-on involvement. The students learn about the beneficiary organizations and see with their own eyes how their support matters. 

During the students’ visit to Childhood USA office, we had the great opportunity to share with them our achievements, such as the launch of Stewards of Children Prevention Toolkit Mobile app and our fundraising gala, and provide information about our projects. We also had the chance to thank them in person for their donation as well as highlight the importance of engaging the youth in our cause. Beyond the monetary contribution, the students, as involved as they are, have the power to educate their peers and make an exponentially larger social impact.

hersby pic.png

We were also very impressed to learn how The Hersby School students engage in entrepreneurship for social good. The students shared with us their work on a local project to integrate the Syrian refugee children in their neighborhood. This kind of local grassroots initiative is undoubtedly an engine for social change.

The Hersby School Students’ efforts and generosity serve as an inspiration to us all and will go a long way in promoting our mission to end child sexual abuse. Thank you Hersby!