Childhood International Activity Report Released

Each year, Childhood's four country offices regroup to discuss their accomplishments and impact from the previous year, compiling it into the World Childhood Foundation Activity Report. Through our combined efforts in Brazil, Germany, Sweden, the USA and 13 other countries around the world, we are striving to end the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. With the support of our partners and people like you, we help our projects spread best practices, which makes the public pay attention and react to the issues surrounding child protection. 

Childhood USA was incredibly successful in 2015. Last year, our organization hosted a high-level meeting at the United Nations, launched the new ThankYou Awards for internationally renowned child protectors, and continued to fund innovative projects across the nation to prevent child sexual abuse.  

Check out international project highlights, data breakdowns, and where Childhood USA is headed in our new 2015 Activity Report now! Want to make a difference? Help Childhood USA continue to protect children and donate now!