Childhood, Creating Systemic Change in San Francisco

The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center aims to break the cycle of child abuse in San Francisco in just two generations. How can such a lofty goal be achieved? With the support of Childhood USA, the Center is developing a systems approach to end child abuse by improving communication among government agencies and promoting best practices throughout San Francisco.

Currently, the Center is reaching thousands of people every year. In 2015, it served over 10,000 families, children, guardians, and community members. Their 24-hour TALKLine fielded 7,179 crisis and counseling calls from guardians when they need help the most.

Watch our video about their innovative and highly effective work to end child abuse!

World Childhood Foundation works to prevent and address sexual abuse and exploitation of children. We support over 100 projects and the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center is one of them. Here's how you can help us!