A New Partnership Raises 64K for Bounce!

At Childhood USA’s ThankYou Awards Gala on September 16th, Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine spoke about our vision of a world where every child would have a safe and happy childhood free from abuse and exploitation, and honored the following champions of children’s rights with the Childhood ThankYou Awards: Academy Award winning actor/activist Forest Whitaker; Paul Polman, President and CEO of Unilever; and Maestro Andrea Bocelli, world-renowned tenor.

The Gala is Childhood's major fundraising event, where we forge lasting partnerships to build awareness about our cause. Childhood has many partners who share our vision, including our newest, Hästens, who generously helped us raise money for one of our programs, Bounce!*, that works with teen survivors of abuse or neglect. Thanks to Hästens and its team’s creative initiative, the evening raised $64,000 for Bounce!.

Hästens—the world-renowned Swedish maker of “the best beds in the world," purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court, and Childhood’s newest partner—thinks differently. It shows in their beds and it shows in the innovative way they worked with us. For our gala, the Hästens team came up with a creative fundraising idea to challenge and encourage the Childhood Gala attendees to come together in support of the Bounce! program. They offered special “Friend of Childhood and Hästens” vouchers, each worth thousands of dollars, for every guest pledging more than $1,000 to Bounce! The result was a tremendous success: we reached the funding goal of $55,000 for the program and raised an additional sum of $9,000 dedicated to a special activity for the children.

This is a great example of what a creative partnership can accomplish. Together we are able to find great solutions to support children of our programs. We are grateful to Hästens for sharing Childhood vision that no child should experience abuse, exploitation or neglect. We look forward to a strong and fruitful collaboration—one that has already proven the collective ability to reach our shared vision of a better, sustainable future for children. Thank you Hästens and thank you everyone who made our 2016 Gala a great success. Now we move forward with renewed strength, resources, and commitment—together!


*Bounce! is a program of the Family Advocacy Program at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. It provides treatment to children and adolescents who were physically or sexually abused/assaulted and/or neglected. It is a youth led support group for teen survivors of sexual abuse ages 13-17 years old. Listen to the girls talking about how the programs helps them to bounce back here and learn more about this project at www.familyadvocacy.net.