Our method

Our method

Childhood acts as a liaison between donors and community-based organizations and is currently supporting over 100 projects in 17 countries.



We identify, review and support existing projects and new initiatives and efforts that are aligned with Childhood’s mission; to defend the rights of children and to promote better living conditions for vulnerable and exploited children at risk all over the world. 


Why do we fund projects instead of running our own?

The answer is simple. Rather than employing a small team in one place, we engage many teams from across the world that can adjust models to work well in their environment. This way, everyone can do something and together we can create much greater change.



We believe that everyone should do what they do best. That is why we work as a broker between the community-based organizations in the field, and the funders that we solicit donations from. We ensure quality of results and encourage new methods that will create efficient models. This way, we help more children than we could if we ran our own projects.



How we work

We review and support existing projects according to set guidelines and evaluate each project to ensure that they fulfill required quality and results. Childhood also assists in developing Best Practices models and replication efforts in order to promote well-managed partnerships, as well as spreading successful programs helping children.



Our focus

We focus on prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation. By working with prevention efforts, we can help reduce the risk of abuse, providing intervention strategies to stop ongoing abuse and promote education opportunities teaching skills to avoid further abuse.


Why focus on preventative efforts

The best way to manage abuse is to intervene before it begins. Effects of trauma cost unknown millions to treat and heal. Preventing harm will, not only, create savings for society but also create happy, abuse-free lives.


Intervention when needed

Intervention strategies are the rescuing force when harm has been done to a child. Healing and supportive assistance, if provided correctly, will transform into preventing further harm.


The value of education

An education will equip all children with the tools necessary to become productive and active members of society, empowering every child to make decisions that will impact their lives. Childhood raises awareness, and helps educate the public to take action against abuse and exploitation.


Success for us is

  • Keeping a child off the streets and providing a bed to safely sleep in at night.
  • Preventing or saving a child from being exploited. Providing a child with a safe and loving home environment.
  • Educating a young parent with the tools and skills they need to raise a happy child.
  • Helping a child start the healing process from abuse. 
  • Stopping sexual abuse in a child’s home and ensuring a safe living environment.