Projects we support


Childhood does not employ its own staff in the field but evaluates, monitors, and reviews project applications from other organizations, and provides funding for services for children in need.

Childhood evaluates the personal involvement and commitment of the organizations’ staff as an important tool to measure for potential funding. We strive to work as closely with the children as possible. What we call the ‘Childhood model’ is built on participation in the process of developing and managing the projects, including conducting frequent visits to assure follow-through while encouraging their efforts. Childhood concentrates funding on those children most deemed at risk, investing in innovative models and methods to help them.

Each country has a designated Childhood country manager, principally responsible for a country and/or region.



Waves of Change_South Africa.png

Waves of Change

Cape Town, South Africa

Waves for Change works with coastal township communities in South Africa since 2011 to provide Surf Therapy programs to youth identified by schools, social services, health care providers and local community-based organizations as at-risk.

Since 2017 they are training other youth organizations around the world to start up Surf Therapy programs.

Maskrosbarn CRC and Beyond_Sweden.png

Maskrosbarn, CRC & Beyond

Stockholm, Sweden

Maskrosbarn was founded in 2005 with the overall vision to provide children growing up in families with substance abuse and/or psychological illness and violence with opportunities to develop into healthy adults with meaningful employment and relationships. The organization has expanded rapidly since then and now has 25 full time staff that implement nine main programs including summer camps, support groups, coach program, chat- and email support, “children’s advocates” and weekend/holiday activities. Maskrosbarn arrange lectures in schools and for professionals in social services and health care working with children at risk to raise awareness. Maskrosbarn also engage in advocacy by publishing reports mainly based on the experiences of the children they meet through the various support services.


Skills Clinic AB,

Help Me/Stop Me

Stockholm, Sweden

Founded in 2018, Skills Clinic AB is a private practice, led by Anette Birgersson, doing clinical supervision and trainings for case workers, social workers and psychologists internationally regarding Trauma Focused CBT and how to work with and provide treatment for children and adolescents with problematic sexual behavior. The vision of Skills Clinic is to educate and share knowledge with clinicians around the world about how to help children and adolescents with traumatic experiences and/or sexual challenging behaviors.

Step Ahead_Thailand.jpg

Step Ahead Development Foundation, ACT Takes Action

Bangkok, Thailand

Step Ahead Development Foundation was founded in 2002 and has been a Childhood partner since 2018, implementing a family strengthening program in Bangkok and Phang Nga province. Step Ahead also implements other programs, including child development centers, foster care programs, and advocacy including trainings on alternative care for government agencies and other stakeholders. Alternative Care Thailand (ACT) was created in 2015 under the Thai CRC-coalition – an umbrella organization consisting of civil society organizations working on various aspects of child rights in Thailand. The alternative care working group/ACT has since become the most active group implementing a wide range of activities and coordinates efforts related to alternative care in Thailand. The group currently has 12 members from national and international organizations as well as independent members from academia and UNICEF Thailand.

Urban Light_Thailand.png

Urban Light Foundation, Online/Offline Male Empowerment

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Urban Light Foundation was founded in 2009 and is the only service provider in Thailand working specifically with boys. Interventions are based around the drop-in centre nearby Chiang Mai’s red-light district, combined with outreach to bars and public areas where boys are known to either already be involved in the sex industry or are at high-risk.


NGO Resource Center Building Capacity to Address Child Sexual Abuse in Ukraine

Online, Ukraine

According to Council of Europe research, 1 in 5 children in Ukraine have experienced some form of sexual abuse, although official numbers report the number as much lower. The vast underreporting of child sexual abuse is closely entwined with a lack of knowledge and understanding of the issue, including its prevalence. The goal of this program is to reduce CSA in Ukraine through the implementation of online capacity building programs, a pilot teacher training program on CSA awareness and prevention, strengthening the coalitions and networking of all groups combating child sexual abuse in the Ukraine, and to strengthen resource allocation and donor awareness.