Britta Holmberg
Program Director

[email protected]
072-724 43 05

Is your project eligible for support from World Childhood Foundation?

QUICKSCAN 2-Pre 6/2021

  • 2. Does your project relate to any of the following thematic areas?

  • 3. Is your organization based, registered and active in any of the following countries?

    Belarus, Brazil, Cambodia, Germany, Moldova, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, United States

  • 4. Does your project directly involve or affect children and youth at risk of violence and sexual abuse?

  • 5. Can you confirm that your organization does not

    • discriminate, in policy or in practice, on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, physical disability or sexual orientation
    • promote political or religious beliefs
  • 6. Can you confirm that your application is not seeking support for any of the following?

    • Emergency relief
    • Orphanages/long-term residential care for children
    • Running costs for an established program
    • Individual assistance
  • If your answer is yes to all the questions you are welcome to submit a concept to World Childhood Foundation.