One Childhood Bracelet & Two Thank You Bracelets


The package contains one black and one red ThankYou-bracelet, and one Childhood-bracelet, and will be sold for a limited time. The multi-colored Childhood bracelet is inspired by the articles of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Each color in the bracelet represents one article related to Childhood’s work with children at risk. The colors of each bead is a reminder that all children have a right to a happy and secure childhood.

The ThankYou-bracelet was created to promote a new campaign to raise awareness of Childhood’s work, and a chance to say thank you to someone who gave you a happy childhood. Visit for more information.

The bracelets are one size and  made of plastic beads on an elastic thread. The enclosed brochure explains the key articles of the UNCRC and how these relate to Childhood.

The bracelets are manufactured in Sweden by Samhall. Read more about the production here!

Delivery time is approximately 1 week. Have questions or concerns? Please contact us on +1 212-867-6088 or email [email protected]