Thanks to the support we received, I was able to send my children back to school.

A mother saw no alternative but to urge her children to work instead of attending school, in order to support their family. Read about how the organization Mith Samlanh supported the family so that the mother could go to work and send her children back to school.

"I am a 47 year old woman from Sihanoukville. Right now I live with my two sons and two daughters in Phnom Penh. I divorced my husband two years ago because he was seeing another woman and did not take care of our children. Since I did not have enough money to pay for food, I decided to let my 18 year old daughter work as a waitress in a small restaurant and to ask my 13 year old son to stop going to school and instead look for garbage to help us earn money for food.
One day, when my son was out looking for garbage he met Mith Samlanhs social workers who told him about their organization and explained that it was dangerous for him to work on the street. My son asked the social worker to accompany him home so they could see his life situation. I told Mith Samlanh about my problems, that I had no job and no money to pay the rent with and send the children to school. I also have a 6-month-old baby to take care of. When Mith Samlanhs staff started talking to me about our future plans. I agreed to let all my kids go back to school. Mith Samlanh gave me money for food, educated me and provided me with materials to manufacture products in our home to earn money for me and my family. Today, my living situation has improved and I feel happy because of  the opportunity I was given to send my children to school and create an income for myself. "

Mith Samlanh offers a chain of care for street children and their families. This includes outreach, drop-in centers, transit residential, non-formal education, vocational training, reintegration into the formal school system, cultural programs and drug prevention. Mith Samlanhs outreach reaches 1,800 street children every year.

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