The pre-school within the shelter helped turn John into a happy and strong boy.

The children of survivors often carry an emotional burden once the mother and child have escaped and abusive home. Thanks to support from Childhood, All Women's House (Alla Kvinnors Hus), was able to create a nursery within the organization's sheltered accommodation in Stockholm for children who needed an opportunity to attend a pre-school. Here is the story of one of their students.

John*, 6 years old, had only lived in Sweden for a short time when he moved into the All Women's House with his mother. Growing up, John experienced a lot of violence and was isolated from other children. He had never gone to preschool or taken part in activities with his peers and did not know how to communicate or play with them. He only knew a few words in Swedish.

In the pre-school within All Women's House, John began practicing how to play and communicate, learning many new words through the songs his teachers taught him. He took every opportunity he could to learn new things, and developed rapidly. His mother took note, telling the staff at All Women's House of her excitement when she saw her son with a friend for the first time. 

In just five months, John has gone from being an insecure, frightened boy to a mature, stable, and happy boy. Thanks to the ability to engage with other children in a safe and encouraging setting, John was able to grow socially and emotionally. Today, John has been able to acclimate to a regular school in a way he never could if it hadn't been for All Women's House. 


* John's name has been changed to protect his identity.