Peers Making a Difference in Teens' Lives

Freshman year of high school is the start of an amazing journey for students across the US, but for many of them, it marks the first time they have to make decisions about drugs, dating, sex, alcohol, and more. Each choice can drastically alter a teen's future. Childhood USA is currently supporting a model of education in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, which has proven to engage teens and helped them make smarter choices. 

Peer Health Exchange (PHE) works with volunteers from colleges across America to empower local high school students. By giving youth the knowledge and tools they need to face inevitable challenges surrounding relationships, drugs, and alcohol, they can make safer and informed decisions in life. 

Watch our project video from Peer Health Exchange and find out why their model works!

World Childhood Foundation works in 17 countries globally to prevent and address the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Childhood supports over 100 projects and Peer Health Exchange is just one of them. Join us in helping youth realize their development potential and grow up with memories of a safe and loving childhood.

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