A Different Angle on Protecting Children

In 2015, 33,726 children arrived in the US after fleeing violence in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. These children fled their homes after witnessing the execution of their friends, the extortion and intimidation of their family, and the violent take over of their towns by warring gangs. With a future clouded by death and fear, they went in search of safety. 

After traveling hundreds of miles, these child refugees arrived in the US seeking the stability and hope that all children deserve. That's when they discovered Legal Services for Children, which provided free legal representation to at-risk children in the San Francisco Bay Area. Childhood USA is currently supporting LSC's project to help refugee children from Central America, such as Rodrigo.

Rodrigo fled El Salvador and arrived in California in 2009. Threatened with deportation, LSC helped him earn his permanent residency allowing him to remain with his family and friends and graduate high school. Now Rodrigo is studying at the University of Santa Cruz to become a child protection lawyer, like those at Legal Services for Children. 

Meet Rodrigo and the team at LSC in our new project video. 

World Childhood Foundation works in 17 countries globally to prevent and address the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Childhood supports over 100 projects and Legal Services for Children is just one of them. Join us in helping youth realize their development potential and grow up with memories of a safe and loving childhood.