We are grateful for every action

Take Action

There are many ways to take action in the fight to keep children safe from harm and neglect. Every donation goes a long way in our work to help children in need. Another way is to support our work is to buy our products and help us spread our message. Or you can dedicate a song to a loved one through our ThankYou campaign. 

Our projects are run by committed individuals who have helped tens of thousands of children at risk for abuse all over the world. Childhood takes pride in securing that every dollar is used effectively to help a child. You can donate online, through check, mobile donation,  wire or through buying our products.

With your donation or fundraising efforts, we can reach more children in need. Collective initiatives at your work place or in your community go a long way to make a difference to the many children in our programs. You may also give in the name of a loved one, in honor of someone or as part of your celebrations. 

Help us raise awareness about the issues we work with. Dedicate a song to someone who helped make your childhood special through our ThankYou campaign and the Carlson Family Foundation will donate $5 to Childhood's projects. 

We will be happy to provide you with information material. Wear the Childhood bracelet as a statement that every child deserves a secure and happy childhood.