The Code Of Ethics And Conduct Of World Childhood Foundation

Each child has a right to his or her childhood. It is the aim of World Childhood Foundation to protect children all over the world from being deprived of this right because of poverty, lack of education and social distress.

As a partner of World Childhood Foundation we assume the responsibility of promoting the rights of children wherever possible, first of all in our own corporation and its immediate surroundings.

We will support our employees and their families in order for children’s right to be sustained. We will actively work on making our employees aware of the cause of World Childhood Foundation.

Whenever appropriate we will inform our customers and business partners of our involvement in World Childhood Foundation.

We will adhere to the information policy of World Childhood Foundation with regard to information on World Childhood Foundation and Her Majesty Queen Silvia’s relation to World Childhood Foundation.

Furthermore we will actively support the right of children in the societies and communities where we are present and promote the values, work and projects of World Childhood Foundation whenever possible.