The situation with covid-19 makes children at risk even more vunerable

At Childhood, we have been working with preventing child sexual abuse for more than twenty years. Thus we know, that when schools close and children are isolated, the risk for violence and abuse increases. For many children, school closures and changing everyday routines mean loosing contact with caring adults like teachers and grandparents. They also spend more time online. As a result of covid-19 we can also see an increase in domestic violence, grooming and distribution of abuse material online.   

Together, we can make a difference during these difficult times.

FOR ADULTS. Keep an extra eye on your own children and other children around you who might lack a stable family situation. Show them that you care. If you are worrried – trust your gut feeling and do not hesitate to contact the social services, school or police.

FOR CHILDREN. If you or your friends feel worried, try to talk to an adult you trust. If somebody´s hurting you, call that adult or the police straight away. And always remember: Adults are responsible for keeping children safe. Nobody is allowed to upset you und make you feel bad – at home, online or anywhere else. You are not alone and it´s never your fault.

illustration: King